Services that offer

We stand out the creation of all type of machinery by commission, under proportionate project by our clients; which can hand totally ended up with electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic.
As in the manufacture of squads soterrados for the recycling of urban waste of lateral load, rear and double load hook.  


We build all type of machinery, under project of the clients.

Containers soterrados

We manufacture squads soterrados, a system of containers of collected and recycling of urban waste.


We work the welding with CONTINUOUS THREAD, ELECTRODE and TIG with certificate of homologation.


We make the manufacture, reparation and the maintenance of silos to measure.


We build clues of steel of big quality for the manufacture of beams and plates prestressed of concrete. 


We build doors, cancel, rails and all the elements that need for his house or factory. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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